Wednesday 25 January 2012


At last, I have finally been able to obtain a copy of the Report of the Staffordshire Child Care Inquiry 1990. I have been trying to access this document for years and posted a comment about this on Stuart Syvret's blog a few days ago. Stuart posted a reply, expressing his surprise that Staffordshire County Council had not already provided me with a copy of this report, and he promised to help me to get one, but that same day I managed to buy a second hand ex library copy.

For years I have wanted to look at this report. I ought to have been helped to obtain this report, but I have had no help, it's like everyone wants to cover all this up, and, as I have explained in my other blog, I have been persecuted and treated in a really disgusting way for years. The so called councelling I had to beg for, well, I won't say too much about that, apart from just saying that it is quite disgusting to deliberatly send a child abuse survivor to one of the venues where some of the abuse took place so that all the bad memories are all brought out in a big rush again and expect that person to walk to the bus stop through the dark and oppressive valley of St Georges Psychiatric Hospital on one side and Stafford Prison on the other, and then get involved with other agencies to force that same person to keep going back to near that same place, knowing full well that person ended up in A and E after a massive panic attack. Yes, that is just a fraction of the nasty things I have had done to me, all quite deliberately.

Well I am still here, and now I have got the report and I am reading it. I am going to use this blog spot to go through it, and add my own comments, as I know there are other people who went through the Pindown experience who have had their lives trashed, deliberately trashed, and I know there is at least one man who is so depressed that he just wants to die. Well, I hope that this blog will help people like that, if anyone is reading this who has been treated in such a way as to deliberately hurt them and not let them be able to feel like a proper human being, I am saying to you, don't let anyone crush your spirit any more, you have a right to find healing from these bad experiences, Pindown was really really evil and no child deserved to be treated like that. Some of the Pindown victims were only in care because they had been abused, some of them were just wanting to get out of abusive situations.

I hope and pray this blog will help other people.


  1. And I am still patiently waiting for that apology. 40 years I have waited, and I think it's high time I was given that apology that I need to heal. All the councelling has done is just add an extra layer of abuse. I want an apology.

  2. Hello Zoompad, I'm writing to you from Blakeway Productions where we're currently doing some research for a BBC series. We are really keen to talk to you about your experiences - please could you get in touch? My email address is, I can also be reached on the phone 0207 428 5000.
    Hope to hear from you soon, and give you more information about our project.
    Very Best,
    Louise Beamont

  3. As per usual, the BBC not reporting on the Pindown child abuse cover up. They've had plenty of time to do so. Don't know why Louise Beamont bothered to contact me for, they already have all the information they need to expose the scandal that is the Pindown child abuse cover up and the reabuse and persecution of the victims.

    The BBC have done a really good job on gagging victims of the Pindown child abuse. Lets hope the new police investigation into hospital abuse by Jimmy Saville will blow a big hole into this wicked cover up.

  4. They only want to do to me what they did to Teresa Cooper. They've shut her up - the real Teresa Cooper - what have they done to her, is she even still alive? Why would Teresa Cooper not want to tell the whole world the name of that Senior Police Officer that discredited Jersey and Stafford Pindown? She wouldn't, not the Teresa Cooper I knew, she wouldn't want it covered up, I know she wouldn't.

    I just keep wondering if she is even still alive. WHY would she treat other child abuse victims like this? I don't believe she would, it just seems mad.

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