Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I'm getting the last few photos ready, but before I do I want to mention that someone else has illegally gained access to my computer (whats new?) and I know that because my computer is telling me that it cannot save the changes to my photos - I'm altering them from horizontal to vertical so that people can read them without having to get neck ache by leaning their heads to the side - well there shouldn't be anyone apart from myself looking at them as no-one else has got my permission to share the contents of my computer, and I've only just uploaded them from my camera! Its the same old story, but, as I've said so often, no use me going to the police to complain about it, they have made it perfectly plain that they do not want to know (labelling me a MENTALLY ILL ATTENTION SEEKER) Why the hacker is so impatient for me to actually post the Pindown Report I have no idea, they could have had the decency to wait until I've posted them before busting into my PC!

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