Saturday, 12 October 2013



  1. Is it any use me doing this any more? Is anyone even bothering to read it?

    Or is this site being craftily blocked (as Justin Hayward's site was to me) by MI5 - who are SUPPOSED to be protecting the people of this country from terrorists, NOT terrorising harrassing gagging and persecuting victims of institutional child abuse!

  2. Its horrible being watched over day and night by the stupid creeps. Its been going on for years now, and I would like it to stop.

    I haven't done anything at all to have this stupid lot of creepy morons cracking into my Hotmail account, parking flash looking cars right plonk outside my house (then driving off fast when they realise I'm making a note of their numberplate) delving into all my medical and social work records, telling the police that I am an "ATTENTION SEEKING MENTALLY ILL WOMAN" so that they end up investigating me instead of the vile people who threatened to kill me, I AM SICK OF IT ALL NOW ANDS I WOULD LIKE IT TO STOP!

  3. And that horrible old ratbag who had the bare faced cheek to write a Secret Family Court character assassination on me, saying I was "dishevelled" and this that and the other, right after the evil old cow had bullied me so much that I ended uo crying my eyes out crouched down like an animal on the kitchen floor, and even then the nasty old witch hadn't finished because she tried to stop my partner giving me a cuddle to comfort me "You're giving in to her tantrum", thats what the evil old bitch said, and what the bloody hell was a probation worker for Stafford prison doing expert witness Secret Family Court reports for anyway?

    And I bet its her that kept sending ex cons round my house to try to sell me stuff, even though I phoned up Stafford Police and Stafford Probation Services to tell them not to.

    But they did stop doing it in the end, because I started telling the young lads fresh out of jail they kept sending round my house all about the Pindown abuse and cover up, and those young lads seemed pretty interested in that! And if they send any more fresh out of jail young lads round my house I'll advise those young lads to go and sell their stuff to the ones with plenty of money instead ie people who rake in big fat profits by terrorising victims of child abuse by writing Secret Family Court reports about them, libelling them and making out they are mad and scruffy!

  4. They WONT let any of us "Get over it", they sneakily kick us down every single time.

    Now they are pretending that reading about this investigation might be bad for victims of Pindown and thats their reason for keeping it covered up! What utter bullshit!

    They just do not want it to all come out into the open what they have been doing to us Pindown victims - the reabuse, the targetting of those victims for harassment and bullying of the very worst kind, setting other people on to those victims - it really is nothing to do with the welfare of the victims of Pindown their desire to hush all of this up, which is why I suppose its my duty to carry on publishing it, wether or not anyone can be arsed to read it!

  5. Zoompad, please do give up to despair if your posts appear to have such a low number of readers. I for one have been reading them for a long time, ever since your pen name became registered in my memory. I think the figures are manipulated up or down according to the agenda of the TPTB

    1. I can't give up, the Lord won't let me! I cry and get depressed, but when I call out PLEASE HELP ME to the Lord he hears my prayers and he always answers them. Time after time I have got to such a low state of mind I have just thought I couldn't go on, but the Lord gives me strength and opens another closed door!

      Thanks for the kind words though, I appreciate them very much.

      Even if there was only one person seeming to read this blog and that person was myself I will still carry on with it. Anyway, there wouldn't be just one person, because the Lord reads it as well.